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First Time Buying and Other Information

Dry Mounting in order to correct a bad gun mount. Mount the gun completely, then swing the gun slightly to the right or the left as if following a moving target while checking to see that the bead remains visible. This will ensure your head remains on the stock and you maintain a good gun mount while swinging left or right.

For first time gun buyer... REMEMBER... When buying, ensure you are comfortable with the length of the stock and check the cast using the Gunfit. (see fig. 1)

  • For TRAP GUNS - Choose a gun with a stock which is high rather than low as high stocks can be reduced at a later date.
  • For SPORTING GUNS - Follow the sight picture as in the manual page 8.
    (fig. 2)

Dry mounting can help you to adapt yourself to fit the gun if the cast of the gun is off very slightly as shown in fig. 1 and 2. Use an adjustable stock at a shooting ground and a Gunfit to take your own measurements which can be transferred to the gun you are to purchase with either a high or low stock.

Fig. 1 A high stock

Fig. 2 A low stock

Other information
Gunfit can also be used to check
stock cast and height for those
who have gained or lost weight.

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